Post: Migrated

  • September Challenge

    I’ve been toying with for years, playing with it (and paying for it) but never really committing to using it. …but then came the buyout / take-over of Twitter (I absolutely refuse to call it “X”) and it seemed like a ton of folks online were looking for … read more

  • Goodbye Russell

    We said goodbye to our boy today. He drifted across the rainbow bridge full of all his favorite foods (ham, meatballs, & pâté), nestled between us on the couch (it was his favorite place to be). I’m going to miss you, my little puppy-rabbit, I’m going to miss you. 💔🐶🐕 Russell, resting on a … read more

  • Holiday Lights at the Zoo

    Every year part of the local Zoo is decorated with lights and Holiday cheer…and the past few years, my fella and I have made a point to stroll around. Pretty night for a walk by the lake It’s just one of our Holiday traditions, to wander around the lights, see the penguins, and … read more

  • Lego 64

    Well, I finally finished it! 🎉 It only took a year (I bought this back in October of 2021) but I finally finished building the Super Mario 64™ Question Mark Block, aka, the "?" block from various Mario games. Mario 64 Question Mark in Lego form I have a notoriously bad memory for my … read more

  • The Great Scattering / Fragmentation

    It’s been a hot minute since I last said anything here but goodness, it’s been a hot mess on the interwebs, right? Since I last committed anything to pen (or something, you get the idea) here, Twitter was purchased and…well…it’s been an epic disaster ever since (the … read more

  • Leftovers for Breakfast

    In an effort to stop throwing out so much food, I jazzed up some leftovers for breakfast this morning. I heated up some stir-fried veggie rice, added some cashews (after pan-roasting them briefly), and an egg; it turned out pretty good! Savory breakfast As my partner’s grandmother’s … read more

  • Remote / Lunch

    As my position with my new employer is fully remote, I haven’t met the bulk of my co-workers in person. Truth be told, I’ve only met five other developers, along with one project owner…and to be completely honest, I knew three of them previously. 😆 Still, even with remote work, … read more

  • Still Here

    Being rather lazy on a Saturday, snuggling with the puppy, watching The Nanny, and finagling with my new/old computer (a log story for another time)…and realized it’s been a rather long time since I posted anything here… It’s been an interesting six months since my last … read more

  • More Murder...

    As my Partner hasn’t been feeling well, we didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve…and that continued into the New Year. As such, we spent most of the day being couch potatoes and finally finished Only Murders in the Building. Only Murders In The Building I realize I’m … read more

  • Thank You For Being A Friend

    Well, it had to happen…we had to loose just one more person in 2021…goodbye Betty, thank you for being a friend. Instead of going out to a party, risking Covid and drunk drivers, we just stayed home, watching Betty’s various television shows…at least the ones I had access … read more

  • Battery Backup

    It isn’t often you’re able to test redundancy in your home set up but today, my power went out. I was in the middle of a meeting, sharing application support information with my current development team, when suddenly the lights went out in the basement (my home office is in the … read more

  • Two Weeks' Notice

    All good things must come to an end…and thus, I’ve just turned in my two weeks' notice to my current employer. I’ve grown so much as both a person and a developer…and I’ve met some incredible people but it’s time to move on. It’s a rather bittersweet feeling, leaving a … read more

  • Entry Level Mistake

    We (my employer) recently parted ways with a development vendor and yesterday I was combing through various repositories, cleaning up the nightmare that was their branching strategy (or lack thereof) when I stumbled across this little gem: Bad Code: Hard-coded passwords and a comment acknowledging … read more

  • 10 Years

    It’s rather surreal to think about but tomorrow is officially ten years with my Partner. Note: This post is from my old site and was ported over into Micro.Blog when I consolidated from two sites into one. All of the migrated posts can be found here. read more

  • Blogging...Then and Now

    Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a developer who went by the name of Jon. He decided it would be a grand idea to start a blog after college…and decided on WordPress. It was the thing back then, all the rage…and it seemed like a great idea to start learning PHP. Of … read more