Well, I finally finished it! πŸŽ‰ It only took a year (I bought this back in October of 2021) but I finally finished building the Super Mario 64β„’ Question Mark Block, aka, the "?" block from various Mario games.

Mario 64 Question Mark in Lego form

Mario 64 Question Mark in Lego form

I have a notoriously bad memory for my own personal history but two big things I remember playing with as a child: Legos and Nintendo. Not only was it fun to build, but as I was slowly combining piece after piece, attaching set to set, I was remembering all the fun I had playing Super Mario 64 back in the ’90s. 😁 It was quite the nostalgia train for me.

This was one of the most complicated Lego sets I’ve ever built and I had an absolute blast building this but now comes the hard part: finding somewhere to store / place / show-off. πŸ˜…

Lazy Supervisor

Of course, Russell supervised most of the construction…in his slipshod and lazy manner. 😁

I think he’s going to be getting a demotion. 🀣

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