I’ve been splitting my time between my own site (pictured below) and my Micro.Blog instance for…a while now. At first, I tried to keep long-form posts on my site (created using Hugo, hosted at Cloud Flare) and micro / random thoughts to Micro.Blog but the other day, I thought it would be cool /fun to run both with the same theme and matching links at the top.

…obviously, that didn’t work out…

However, working on that put an idea in my head: maintain two places online?

My site, I created that randomly, with no clear goal. It was really just random luck I ran into Hugo as my email provider allows static site hosting. Now that I’m using Micro.Blog, I don’t really need the old site…I mean, it’s pretty awesome the way it works (Hugo site committed to GitHub and then CloudFlare takes those commits and builds the site and hosts it)…but with Micro.Blog, I can easily post with my phone and there isn’t much to maintain (minus some plugins I have a feeling I’m going to be creating / using).

So…I’m moving / migrating.

Things I have to worry about:

  • The main site is at the base domain where as Micro.Blog is pointed to a subdomain
  • I want to keep my old posts and pictures from my main site, so I’ll have to port them over into Micro.Blog
  • I would like to maintain links, both to the original main site and to the current version of Micro.Blog