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  • Snowfall and a Show

    Over the weekend, my Partner and I were offered tickets to see Mrs. Doubtfire at the local theater. 🎭 It was an unexpected treat (our friends had just come back from London and were rather jet-lagged), both the show and the holiday decoration in the theater.πŸŽ„ πŸ“· It was also the first serious snowfall … read more

  • Year In Books - 2023

    I didn’t get nearly as much reading done in 2023 as I’d planned but that’s just the way the cookies crumble. I plan to do more reading in 2024 and spend some of my reading time focusing on books outside the fantasy / sci-fi genre. Note: I only started using … read more

  • Goals for '24

    I don’t really put much stock in the whole “New Years Resolutions” thing everyone else in the States seems to do…but I do like to set some overarching “goals” for the year. Last year, I only had two goals, one of which I succeeded at and the other was a miserable failure. So, … read more

  • Holiday Lights @ the Gardens πŸŽ„πŸ“·

    Last weekend, my partner and I went to see some holiday lights at our local botanical garden. It was a wonderful time, they always so such a great job of decorating things and of course, me being me, I took well over two hundred photos (yes, I’m that guy). I wanted to post them all but that … read more

  • Default Apps and Services of 2023

    It seems like a lot of folks have been writing about the default apps / services they use and while I’m late to the game, here is my list…at least for 2023. 🀣 I did a little tweak to the format everyone seems to be using: I split up my home and work life, as I do my best to keep things … read more

  • September Challenge - Summary

    I very much enjoyed the September 2023 Photo-blogging Challenge at, it gave me a lovely opportunity to look back at all the photos I’ve taken over the years; as I’ve been taking photos since December of 2004, it’s a lot of media to look through (at the time of this post, … read more

  • New Plugin: Simple Image Generation

    So I did a thing: I wrote my first Micro.Blog plugin. πŸ₯³ It’s nothing fancy, just another image generator but, as I was in the process of migrating the content from my old blog to here, I realized I had already created one in my Hugo instance…all I needed to do was port it over to GitHub … read more

  • Migrating from Hugo to Micro.Blog

    I’ve been splitting my time between my own site (pictured below) and my Micro.Blog instance for…a while now. At first, I tried to keep long-form posts on my site (created using Hugo, hosted at Cloud Flare) and micro / random thoughts to Micro.Blog but the other day, I thought it would … read more

  • It's too early for this, right?

    Went to a hardware store last night (my Partner is ripping up the carpet and putting in new flooring) and as we walked in, we were assaulted with Christmas cheer. Given the past few weeks, I was digging it but a couple walked in after us and one of them was complaining it was too early for Christmas … read more

  • Goodbye Grandma

    We said goodbye to my oldest friend this weekend, my lovely Grandma. She’s been…or was…a constant presence in my life, for as far back as I can remember. In fact, my oldest memories involve her, helping her bake cookies, hiding under the table with the bag of brown … read more

  • Markdown Linebreak in Hugo

    My primary website uses Hugo for a variety of reasons and for the most part, I love it…except when you run into odd edge-cases and the latest one: line-breaks using Markdown aka the <br /> tag. After a little bit of research, I ended up creating a custom shortcode to handle the need / … read more

  • September Challenge

    I’ve been toying with for years, playing with it (and paying for it) but never really committing to using it. …but then came the buyout / take-over of Twitter (I absolutely refuse to call it “X”) and it seemed like a ton of folks online were looking for … read more

  • Goodbye Russell

    We said goodbye to our boy today. He drifted across the rainbow bridge full of all his favorite foods (ham, meatballs, & pΓ’tΓ©), nestled between us on the couch (it was his favorite place to be). I’m going to miss you, my little puppy-rabbit, I’m going to miss you. πŸ’”πŸΆπŸ• Russell, resting on a … read more

  • Holiday Lights at the Zoo

    Every year part of the local Zoo is decorated with lights and Holiday cheer…and the past few years, my fella and I have made a point to stroll around. Pretty night for a walk by the lake It’s just one of our Holiday traditions, to wander around the lights, see the penguins, and … read more

  • Lego 64

    Well, I finally finished it! πŸŽ‰ It only took a year (I bought this back in October of 2021) but I finally finished building the Super Mario 64β„’ Question Mark Block, aka, the "?" block from various Mario games. Mario 64 Question Mark in Lego form I have a notoriously bad memory for my … read more