It’s been a hot minute since I last said anything here but goodness, it’s been a hot mess on the interwebs, right? Since I last committed anything to pen (or something, you get the idea) here, Twitter was purchased and…well…it’s been an epic disaster ever since (the Verge has been great at covering the drama around Twitter, both before and after the sale). While I’m sure you, dear reader, will likely guess where my political affiliations can be found, I do my best not to talk about that online…so just looking at the epic mess that site has become (not to mention the truly awful way staff was cut from Twitter), it isn’t a surprise Twitter seems to be fragmenting; some users are flocking to Mastodon, some to Instagram (though, with Facebook / Meta controlling and locking that down more and more, is it a viable alternative…?), others to Hive…or some other newfangled social apps / sites…

Even though I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon early (my user ID, back when Twitter showed user IDs, was well within the standard Integer range) back when I was a junior developer at an advertising agency, I’ve always been a bit squeamish about letting some company / organization have sole control over my voice. Granted, I don’t use it that often but it is mine, so I should have ultimate control.

Thus, this fragmentation isn’t new to me, I’ve already done it to myself! I created a more public Twitter account and locked my original one. I created a blog (and then let it lapse…and then started it again), set up a instance (though I rarely used it), and am now on Mastodon (though it’s just a reflection of my account). I’m not sure which “social” app / site / service will win out but I think I’m covered for now…at least until the next big thing comes along.

This is where I admit I’m using my account to cross-post to Twitter and Mastodon, it’s one of the lovely features Manton Reece added to his platform.

So, if you’d like a way to find my various profiles, locations, writings, and ramblings online, feel free to take a look at my about page, it will be as up to date as anything…except perhaps the home page. 🀣

Note: This post is from my old site and was ported over into Micro.Blog when I consolidated from two sites into one. All of the migrated posts can be found here.