• Every time I try to use the iPad for anything other than a reader / video viewer, it’s an exercise in frustration… πŸ˜” Why can only one sound source be active? 😱 #RoadTrip

  • Finished reading: The Undying Caverns by Shane Purdy πŸ“š

    A robed figure with glowing red eyes performs magic in a forest. Text: 'SHANE PURDY aka WolfShine THE UNDYING MAGICIAN THE UNDYING CAVERNS'
  • #Flashback-Friday πŸ“· 2013-04-27

    If you think the flooding is bad this year, back in 2013, large portions of the riverfront were soaked & closed. Something not pictured, directly to the right of me was a parking garage with a few cars stuck underwater. πŸŒ§οΈπŸš—β›ˆοΈ

    Floodwater covers a cobblestone street and sidewalk, with submerged traffic signs and street lamps, near bridges and buildings. Visible text: 'lostinhaste.com'
  • Finished reading: Kingdom of the Fallen by Shane Purdy πŸ“š

    A fantasy-styled character, possibly a warrior or magician, stands with a stern expression amidst a gloomy forest background. Text overlay: 'SHANE PURDY AKA WOLFSHINE - KINGDOM OF THE FALLEN - THE UNDYING MAGICIAN - BOOK 2'.
  • #Flashback-Friday πŸ“· 2019-08-19

    We were walking along the beach in Florida (my Partner wanted to hit the lower 48 states before he turned xx) and stumbled upon some sort of battle in the sand…with no one else around; it was just us and figurines, with the ocean slowly encroaching. πŸŒŠβ›±οΈβ˜€οΈ

    A large group of miniature figures is positioned around a grayish outcrop on a sand-covered ground, website address 'lostinhaste.com' displayed.
  • Today would have been Grandma’s 102nd birthday… πŸ’”

    A graphic birthday cake with three candles implying a notification about someone's 102nd birthday; options to call or send a message below. Text: 'Helen [surname redacted]s 102nd birthday is today!'
  • Finished reading: Mage Academy 2 by Kal Griffith πŸ“š

    A young male anime character smiles alongside a red fox with glowing eyes, against an urban backdrop with magical elements. Text: 'KAL GRIFFITH' 'MAGE ACADEMY 2'.
  • #Flashback-Friday πŸ“· 2007-07-02

    Talk about a flashback, I took this photo when I was installing Ubuntu on the first laptop I ever bought. πŸ’»

    A CD labeled 'Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Desktop i386' rests beside an open laptop on a carpeted floor. The website 'lostinhaste.com' is visible on the laptop.

    Two tidbits:

    • I hated Vista so much it drove me into the welcome arms of Linux 🀭
    • That laptop lasted about a year before I spilled water on it 😭
  • We said farewell to our furry house guest tonight, she’s heading back to her Daddy’s house (he was out of town for work). πŸΆπŸ•

    A dog is sleeping on a plush bed in a home interior, with furniture and a rug visible in the background. The text 'lostinhaste.com' is overlaid at the bottom right.

    She was rather sleepy when I took this photo, we’d just been on a three and a half mile walk. 🚢πŸ₯± πŸ“·

  • Finished reading: Heavenly Chaos by Daniel Schinhofen πŸ“š

    A decent read, kinda disappointed the next book isn’t out yet.

    A man and a woman stand confidently against a cosmic backdrop with symbols around them. Text: 'HEAVENLY CHAOS HEAVENLY CHAOS BOOK 1 - DANIEL SCHINHOFEN'.
  • Finished reading: United Fleet by Sean Fenian πŸ“š

    The second book in the series, it was a great follow-up to the first.

    Spaceships glide through space with a nebula and stars in the background. Text: 'UNITED FLEET THE STARDOCK TRILOGY BOOK 2 SEAN FENIAN Fenian House Publishing'
  • Finished reading: Bearing Gifts by Sean Fenian πŸ“š

    A fascinating book, aliens drop by Earth, giving one person the ability to move the human race thousands of years ahead with technology. It’s very well thought out and detailed, especially the folly of human greed.

    A space station hovers above a planet's surface, with a moon and a ship visible. Text reads: 'BEARING GIFTS, THE STARDOK TRILOGY BOOK 1, SEAN FENIAN, Fenian House Publishing.'
  • #Flashback-Friday πŸ“· 2019-09-07

    My employer rented out the local Six Flags (along with other companies, it was a corporate thing) for an “employee appreciation night." The park was mostly empty, so we had our choice of rides, with almost no lines. Took this photo at the top of the Ferris wheel. 🎑 πŸŒ…

    An amusement park at dusk featuring a lit Ferris wheel and roller coaster surrounded by trees.
  • Finished reading: Return of the Runebound Professor 3 by Actus πŸ“š

    The third book in the series, nothing much to say other than the story got even better and I’m excited for the forthcoming fourth book. 😊

    A man conjures fire in his hand, facing a swirling dark vortex with a glowing, menacing entity inside it. Text: 'ACTUS Return of the RUNEBOUND PROFESSOR 3'.
  • I was looking at the about page on the Porkbun website and started laughing when I noticed they have a “plant” on staff. 🌱

    When Steve was a young sprout she longed for a day where lounging around in some office window sill was all she had to worry about. After spending a bit of time being sent from greenhouse to greenhouse she eventually found her spot in the Porkbun office.
    </br />

    As a plant Steve mostly just sits there and creates oxygen. She does enjoy a cool sip of water from time to time and listening to some good tunes but mostly she just photosynthesizes.

    Laughing so hard… 🀣

    A pop-up window features a humorous staff profile named Steve, a plant, amidst other team members' photoss with professional titles.