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  • ⌚️ Apple Watch Update: After it crashed at breakfast, I just got a “you’re almost out of battery” notification…and it’s only been three hours since I put it on. 🤬🪫 I’m still paying for this piece of junk… 😱😖

  • Another day, another issue with watchOS 10.1 on the Apple Watch Ultra v1. I have never been this disappointed in an Apple product before. ⌚️😱 Two hardware resets and the issues still persist.

  • This has to be the buggiest version of WatchOS I’ve ever used. 😭 Even after an erase / reset, the battery is draining too fast. The heart rate complication doesn’t work anymore. Now I can’t get into the widgets, which means a restart. What is going on at Apple?! 😱

  • Really wanted to try out some of the new watchOS features, so I downloaded the beta tonight. It was taking a very long time but on a hunch, I turned off the bluetooth and bam! The download time went from two hours to twenty minutes.

    Screen grab of the Apple Watch, on the 'Software Update' screen, with 19 minutes remaining for the download.

    Happy nerd alert! 🤣