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  • No SimpliSafe, I don’t “miss you protecting me,” if I did miss you I wouldn’t have canceled your service. In fact, if you hadn’t tried to gouge me, forcing me to pay you an extra $15 a month because I had “old” hardware, I’d likely still be paying for your service. 🤭

  • I realize I have an old Kindle (it’s the first version of the Paperwhite) but would it really be so hard for Amazon to auto-sync the time on the device like every other network connected device in the modern age? 🤣

  • ⌚️ Apple Watch Update: After it crashed at breakfast, I just got a “you’re almost out of battery” notification…and it’s only been three hours since I put it on. 🤬🪫 I’m still paying for this piece of junk… 😱😖

  • Another day, another issue with watchOS 10.1 on the Apple Watch Ultra v1. I have never been this disappointed in an Apple product before. ⌚️😱 Two hardware resets and the issues still persist.

  • This has to be the buggiest version of WatchOS I’ve ever used. 😭 Even after an erase / reset, the battery is draining too fast. The heart rate complication doesn’t work anymore. Now I can’t get into the widgets, which means a restart. What is going on at Apple?! 😱

  • It was just starting to feel like autumn but this week…not so much. 🍂

  • I’ve been bashing my head against the Micro.blog theming system, trying to get it matching the one on my primary website but given the time of day, it’s time to shutdown and try again tomorrow. 😱😮‍💨

  • Anyone else out there noticing an uptick in iCloud email spam? This is getting a little silly…

  • Is anyone else out there having issues with their Apple Watch Ultra v1 after upgrading to watchOS 10? Even after the unpair / pair dance, my battery is dropping far too fast, haven’t even had the watch on for eight hours and I’m at 40% left. 😤😭⌚️

  • Random Thought: I try to steer clear of politics online, as I really don’t want to deal with hateful comments but that said, if the US Government shuts down, I really don’t think members of Congress should get their paychecks, especially if the vast majority of regular workers aren’t paid.

  • As much as I enjoy the stability and reliability of Apple products (my M2 MacBook Air is the best computer I’ve ever used), I’m done with AirPlay / HomePods. Multi-room audio will just randomly stop working, which defeats the purpose; I never should have invested in the HomePod ecosystem. 😭

  • Random Thought: Always fascinated by companies who take the “if you want to change your email, create a new account” approach. 😅 Who on earth decided that was a great user experience…and what software architect designed it? 🤣

  • Random Thought: With Twitter (aka “X”) talking about collecting even more data (link to Ars Technica), now seems like a good time to export my old Tweets, remove the Twitter apps from my devices, and import said data into Micro Blog.

  • Yet another reason why I won’t invest any time, energy, or money into the Google ecosystem: Google kills two-year “Pixel Pass” subscription after just 22 months. 🤣

  • As predicted, my banking account is “locked” and I need to call customer support…and the wait time is estimated to be 57 minutes. 😤