Food 🍱

  • 📸 September 2023 Micro.Blog photo challenge. Day 23: “A Day In the Life”

    Collection of mixed donuts (some covered with sugar, some with sprinkes, some with a sugar-glaze, some with chocolate), four by three, for a total of twelve.

    Breakfast this morning; we’re visiting my Partner’s cousin’s family and as they took us to dinner last night, we showed up with tons of sugary carbs. 🍩 #mbsept

  • 📸 September 2023 Micro.Blog photo challenge. Day 6: Well

    Big bucket of red liquid in the foreground, with a person directly behind it (their face has been replaced with a smile emoticon) in a white shirt, with another person in the background; a white Christmas tree, with lights, is in the background behind the second person.

    Closest thing I could find in my photo library, this is a “well” of alcohol at a Holiday party back at University. 🎄🍾🥳 #mbsept

  • 📸 September 2023 Micro.Blog photo challenge. Day 4: Orange

    Cider in a glass, the rim dusted with cinnamon powder, with a vertical orange slice on the lip of the glass, on a white-cloth covered table with a spoon in the foreground.

    Every time my partner and I visit Quebec City, we have a dinner at a local crepêrie and inevitably get cider with the meal. This time, there was cinnamon on the glass and an orange slice. 🍎🍊 #mbsept

  • Brunch with the boys! 🍽️

    Veggie Slinger: corn-flour waffle, impossible “meat” chili, Swiss cheese, and scrambled eggs…on a plate.
  • Lunch with a coworker. 🍴

    Veggie wrap (with fish) and fries with teriyaki sauce, in a wire basket on top of serving paper.
  • Making some cookies for a friend. 🍪🧈 #baking

    Rows of raw cookie dough on a baking sheet, before going into the oven.
  • Looking at a stack of receipts and realized Costco double-charged us for eggs… 😱

  • Surprised the ball-n-chain with tickets to see The Piano Guys at The Fox; I had no idea he was a fan of them. 😂

    An ornate theater interior with an audience facing a stage showcasing a closed curtain featuring intricate designs, under elaborate architectural decorations and illuminated panels.
  • Date night, went out to an old favorite of ours. 🍱🥢 😋

  • Leftovers for Breakfast

    In an effort to stop throwing out so much food, I jazzed up some leftovers for breakfast this morning. I heated up some stir-fried veggie rice, added some cashews (after pan-roasting them briefly), and an egg; it turned out pretty good! Savory breakfast As my partner’s grandmother’s … read more

  • Russell was eyeing my breakfast this morning… 😋🐶

  • Remote / Lunch

    As my position with my new employer is fully remote, I haven’t met the bulk of my co-workers in person. Truth be told, I’ve only met five other developers, along with one project owner…and to be completely honest, I knew three of them previously. 😆 Still, even with remote work, … read more

  • If anyone is in the STL area, check out Sunny’s Cantina, the food is amazing and the prices are decent. The veggie burrito is beyond delicious. 🤤

    Tasty burrito covered in red sauce.

  • Someone was eyeing my dinner, hoping I’d look away… 🤣