🌞   🌛


  • First and only peppermint mocha of the holiday season, from the “big” coffee chain. ☕️📷

    Paper coffee cup, with a Starbucks heat-sleeve, on a table, with ceramic pumpkins in the background and a wireless charging puck.
  • 📷 Two Thanksgivings down…I’m honestly not sure how many more to go at this point… 😭🤣

    Various Thanksgiving food (stuffing / dressing, salad, potatoes, cranberry sauce, roll) on a paper plate, with a fork.
  • Photo of a container of Trader Joe's pumpkin spice coffee on the right side (on top of a kitchen counter, the 'fake' marbled pattern in various shades of brown), next to a calendar-book featuring a photo of a museum in Germany (it's a Rick Steve calendar).

    Yes, I might be called “basic” but ’tis the season… 🎃☕️📷

  • 🍿 “It’s just a little Hocus Pocus!" 📷

    The movie 'Hocus Pocus' projected up on the side of a house at night, frozen at the title screen of the movie for the picture. In the lower-left corner of the image, a glowing fire, and in the upper-left of the image, the fading light of the setting sun.

    An annual tradition with my Girls from University, we started watching the movie (and pigging out) outside during the Pandemic and have just kept that as part of our Autumn event.

  • The Christmas village has been destroyed…it might be time to take it down, before further casualties are caused by the feline invasion.

    Grey cat looking at the camera, from on top of a piano, behind a tiny, decorative Christmas village, part of which he clearly moved / destroyed.
  • No, it is not time for Valentine’s Day…put away the red hearts and bring back Christmas…it isn’t even the New Year!